Watch 49 Celebrities Pay Moving Tribute To The Victims Of The Orlando Shooting

49 celebrities for 49 victims.

The Human Rights Campaign shared a video this week in which 49 celebrities pay touching tribute to the 49 people who lost their lives in the Orlando nightclub shooting earlier this month. 

The 18-minute video begins with Lady Gaga and continues to feature such famous faces as Demi Lovato, Matt Bomer and Laverne Cox. Each celebrity tells the story of a different victim, sharing details such as where they worked and how they spent their free time. Each person's tribute is accompanied by a photograph.

It's a heartbreaking look at too many lives lost through senseless violence.

There were several couples who died together at Pulse Nightclub. Their stories are told side by side. One victim was the mother of a newborn baby. Another was the friend who tried to protect her. The youngest victim was 18 years old. 

The video, which was produced by Ryan Murphy, ends with a call to action

"It's time to stop the bleeding," says Lady Gaga.

"Join me and the Human Rights Campaign," urges Angela Bassett, "to demand common sense laws to protect the LGBTQ community and all Americans from hate violence."

Sofia Vergara delivers a similar message in Spanish, encouraging those watching to show the world that love conquers hate.


Watch the powerful tribute below:

(H/T: Idolator)


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