Orgasm Survey Reveals Everything You Ever Needed To Know About The Big 'O'

There's lots to learn.

Statistics say that one in three women have difficulty reaching orgasm during sex, but there's much more to it than that.

In a recent survey, we get a better idea why. 

The site polled 2,300 women about their orgasm history and the habits of their partners during sex to see what hinders — and helps — them reach the Big O. Overall, the numbers didn't look good.

The data revealed that only 57 percent of women reach orgasm during sex, while 95 percent of their partners do. And over 70 percent of the women said that their partners don't help them get there.

But don't let those stats get you down. By analyzing the input of these women's experiences, those looking to please women can learn from the obstacles they face, and women looking to please themselves can know they're not alone. 

Feel free to take notes.


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