Advertisement Shows What A Real Woman's Morning Looks Like, And It's Finally On Point

"Nine percent of women cite dry shampoo as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century."

On average, how do women really spend their mornings? 

Contrary to popular belief, most of us aren't aways practicing yoga, journaling, working on our real-life Pinterest boards, or brewing our own kombucha tea. Having a routine that consists of all those activities is completely ludicrous for most of us, as proven by a new advertisement for Organic Balance

The ad is particularly refreshing in a world where social media often portrays women leading seemingly perfect lives, and leaves out those who are juggling work, family, and their personal lives in a less-than-perfect — but completely badass — fashion. 

Here are a few things that really happen in the morning:


"Fifty-seven percent of us are up before the sun is up."

"Twenty-one percent of us have used an article of clothing to camouflage a stain."

"Only 16 percent of women would describe their morning with the hashtag #blessed. And that seems kind of high."

Though it is an advertisement, the sentiments showcased in the video are a great take on real-life, professional women and the experiences they have every day.  

We're sure that an overwhelming number of us can relate to one or more of the statistics in the full video below:


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