People Waiting For The New iPhone Outside The Apple Store Get A Shocking Surprise

What are you waiting for?


Every year, for a few days, the world falls into this technological frenzy caused by none other than Apple's new product release. You know what we're talking about  — people camping outside Apple stores, sleeping in plastic bags, paying others to queue for them and whatnot.

Well, this year one organization decided to use this craziness for a good cause. The way they did it was pure genius!

Belgian nonprofit Reborn to Be Alive used the release day of the new iPhone 6S as the perfect setting for their campaign. Twelve hours before the store opening, they sent a team to meet with the Apple fans already lining up to buy the new gadget. But none of them expected to hear this:

"I'm also waiting ... for 1 year and 8 months. For an organ donor to receive new lungs. I know what it is to wait," Ingrid, a member of the Reborn to be Alive team, told a guy queuing outside the Apple store.

"If I replace you in the queue, will you sign up to become an organ donor?" she continued.

The goal of this hard-hitting campaign was to raise awareness of the need for organ donations and the fact that one organ donor can save up to eight lives. The slogan behind the campaign perfectly puts things into perspective:

"Some people wait for a gadget, others wait for their life. And you, what are you waiting for?"

(H/T: Ufunk)


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