This University Is Making An Important Change To Help Students Recovering From Addiction

Hopefully, more colleges will follow its lead.

Oregon State University is taking big steps to ensure that students recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are able to lead healthy lives on campus. 

The school recently announced plans to open housing this fall specifically for recovering addicts. This will reportedly be the first dorm of its kind in the state of Oregon.

According to The Oregonian, the former co-op learning center Dixon Lodge will be converted into the new dorm, which will be called The Recovery and Learning Community.

In an online announcement, the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) described the new dorm as "designed to provide holistic, recovery-specific support to the students who live there." It will feature dual occupancy rooms, a community kitchen, and programming space.

The CRC also described this housing option as "affordable," adding that "significant funds have been allocated towards providing housing and dining scholarships to those who live in this new community."

John Ruyak, a drug and alcohol recovery specialist at OSU, made an important point to KGW about the negative impact the average dorm environment might have on students with a history of addiction. 

Ruyak explained, "You might have a student who's in recovery, living in a residence hall and committed to being substance-free, but they have a hallmate that comes back and has been using." Such an experience may be "triggering" for the student.

Senior Maren Vick, a member of the CRC who is two years sober, added, "It's very easy to get tied into the college party scene." This new housing option seeks to prevent that.

Hopefully, even more colleges around the country will consider providing safe, supportive spaces for students in recovery to pursue higher education.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

Cover image via OSU CRC / Facebook


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