Navy Vet Becomes Unsung Hero During Oregon Shooting With His Jeep

His military training came in handy.

25-year-old Navy Veteran Kenny Ungerman was chatting with a National Guard Recruiter outside of Umpqua Community College's Snyder Hall. After a four-year tour in the military, Ungerman became a full-time student in the medic program at his hometown college community in Oregon.


Little did he known that his military training would be needed on this Thursday morning.

"I saw a guy with a handgun right outside, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He was going toward the building and he just disappeared into the building," Kenny Ungerman told NBC News.

And then, when Ungerman least expected it, chaos erupted.

"I heard gunshots coming from the direction of Snyder Hall about 10:38 a.m.," Ungerman told Radar. "I was waiting to meet someone when I suddenly heard a shot and then another shot. That's when it all happened!"

Ungerman described that people were screaming and panicking in the parking lot outside of Snyder Hall.

"We both dropped to the ground behind my Jeep and then we heard more gunshots," Ungerman said to NBC News.

That’s when Ungerman and the National Guard Recruiter sprung into action.

They told people in the parking lot to get out. Their goal was to keep people outside the building as safe and calm as possible.

Ungerman then got into his Jeep, drove down the road and prevented other cars from entering the campus until first responders arrived.

"We got down to the road and stopped traffic," Ungerman said to ABC News. "We didn't want anyone else to go up to campus."

Ungerman’s quick response prevented others from being in harm’s way.

This was not the first school shooting Ungerman encountered.

"I was also at Roseburg High School when that shooting happened, back in 2006," he said to MSNBC. "So it's just crazy to think that I'd be on campus when another shooting happens."

While speaking to MSNBC, Ungerman was asked if his military deployment was safe for him.

"Correct," he responded. Yes, it was."

Amazing that this Navy veteran, who witnessed two school shootings in his lifetime, felt safe while in military deployment.

(H/T: Refinery 29)


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