Oregon Just Started Selling Weed For Recreational Use

The amount of marijuana Oregonians are allowed to keep at home is ... a lot.

Joining legal weed pioneers Colorado and Washington state, Oregon began the sale of marijuana for recreational use on Thursday. 

Those age 21 and above can buy a quarter of an ounce (about seven grams) of cannabis buds or pre-rolled joints at a time, as well as four starter plants or an unlimited amount of seeds to grow on their own at home.

On Oregon's heels are Alaska and Washington, D.C., having already voted to approve legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana use, but are still sorting out details to establish a system for the drug's legal sale. 

Oregon does not regulate the price of legal cannabis, but local news outlet KGW reported that it will be set more or less to that of medical marijuana prices. Taxes for legal weed don't come into effect until Jan. 4. 

Inside their homes, the limit for possession is much higher than that allowed in other states. Oregonians can keep up to eight ounces of weed at home, compared to Washington state, Colorado and Alaska's one ounce, and D.C.'s two-ounce limit. 

Helpfully providing an image of how much eight ounces is, the Portland Police Bureau published a visual guide of marijuana contrasted with a voodoo doughnut, a local baked delicacy.


And in the process of its marijuana legalization, Oregon has made a landmark move, clearing criminal records of those who carry a low-level felony, misdemeanor or non-traffic pot violation if 10 years or more has gone by without another conviction.

Though marijuana remains illegal under U.S. federal law, 23 states have already legalized the plant to some degree, mostly for medical uses. Even more states are likely to join in 2016 as state governments put forward legalization measures for weed on the ballot.

Cover image via Marc Piscotty / Getty Images


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