An Oregon Man Got His $23,000 Dollars Back After Accidentally Throwing It Out

Don't be surprised by human kindness.

A man in Ashland, Oregon, says he recouped $23,000 after accidentally throwing out a shoebox with his life savings inside.

The man threw the shoebox into his recycling last week, only to realize the huge misstep he'd made hours later. In a panic, he called local municipalities and found out that his recycling was probably located at the Samoa Resource Recovery Center in Humboldt County, California. 


"We take quite a bit of material every day so the odds of finding that are not much better than a needle in a haystack," Linda Wise, general manager of the Samoa Resource Recovery Center, told The Press Democrat

But somehow, they did.

A recycling facility like the one where the shoebox was found.  Shutterstock / franz12

Despite the unbelievably low odds, an employee helping sort material at the facility spotted the shoebox and the money as it came down a sorting line.

"But then the box showed up and came down the sorting line and we were all excited to see it," Wise said.

Miraculously, $22,940 of the money managed to stay in the shoebox during its trip from Ashland, Oregon to the dump in California. Brian Sollom, the operations manager at the facility, said they found almost all the cash.

"It only toppled out of the box once it got onto the sorting line," Sollom told The Press Democrat. "We managed to recover all but $320."

When they found the money, employees contacted the Oregon man and promptly returned the box to him. The man who lost the cash was ecstatic and plans to drive to Humboldt County to pick it up over the weekend. 

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Rrraum


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