Want To Be The Life Of The Party? This Crowd-Pleasing Mocktail Recipe Can Help.

Bring extra cups.


If you spent your childhood sucking down Shirley Temples, you won't be able to get enough of this grown-up, sophisticated twist on the classic soda shop staple. 

This drink's so simple, a kid could do it. And if you happen to have any hanging around a birthday party or holiday family gathering, they absolutely should. All you need are seltzer water and grenadine — a fizzy and fresh match in mocktail heaven —as well as a sprig of rosemary for garnish. 

But the real secret to this delicious mocktail isn't even the drink itself. It's the ice cubes that accompany it. Made of frozen orange juice, they add that extra burst of citrus sweetness that takes this mocktail to the next level. 

What's that level, you ask? We're glad you did. 

That's the "life of the party" level you'll be sure to reach every time you walk in with this crowd-pleasing mocktail recipe.


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