This Orange Frosting Recipe Is So Easy, It's A Piece of (Cup)cake

This recipe takes the (cup)cake.


When buttercream is blah and meringue is meh, try a fresh take on frosting with this orange-infused recipe. 

If you've ever made icing from scratch before, you know it's surprisingly easy and incredibly delicious. Simple household ingredients such as butter, an egg yolk, confectioners' sugar, and just a bit of salt combine to create your frosting base. What gives this recipe its zest is, well, just that — orange zest. Of course, the real orange flavor comes from a heaping tablespoon of orange juice. This pop of citrus lightens and brightens up any dessert, just in time for spring. 

What can we say? This recipe takes the (cup)cake. 

It also takes the full-sized cake, doughnuts, and sugar cookies. You can even sneak a spoonful and eat it straight. What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen. 


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