Make All Your Sweet Dreams Come True With This Orange Creamsicle Drink

Because nothing's sweeter than a simple recipe.


In 1983, the hit pop duo Eurythmics famously said, "Sweet dreams are made of this." By "this," they probably meant this orange creamsicle drink. At least, that's what you can sing to yourself as you dance around the kitchen making this simple recipe. It's a deliciously delightful way to start your morning off on the right note. (We may or may not have already done this ourselves today.) 

Now, all you need to make those sweet dreams come true is a glass and four simple ingredients (one of which is ice!). Fill a glass with ice, then stir in orange juice, sugar, and the milk of your choice. We used low-fat dairy milk, but non-dairy milk options will work just as well. 

Garnish your glass with an orange wedge for a fresh and fancy take on a classic morning beverage. Make this orange creamsicle the star of your sweet dreams and your next Sunday brunch. 


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