7 Reactions Everyone Has When Opening Up Their Christmas Presents

Seriously, Mom?!

You gather around your Christmas tree or sit with a group of friends and family at the dinner table and — finally — it's time to open your Christmas presents.

Every year, depending on your gift, you end up reacting with a whole collection of familiar feelings. Whether you're completely satisfied or feeling awkward and confused, your reactions are ones we know all too well.


1. Genuine confusion

Many of us know what it's like to open up a Christmas present and immediately wonder what in the heck it even is. Or perhaps you're confused as to why you think you received the sparkly Christmas sweater instead of that new camera you've been begging Santa for.

Seriously, Mom?!

2. Relief

Thank GOODNESS Grandma didn't get you that weird perfume again this year or another copy of a book you'll never read. This time she handed you a glorious gift card for TGI Fridays, your fave restaurant, and all is right in the world.

3. Awkward

Welp. Smile, say thank you, and move on quickly. It's all good.

4. Fake happy

At least one of your presents will warrant a fake smile. Meanwhile, your best friend is beaming at the thought of giving you this weird chunky necklace or a ticket to some obscure event you can both go to together. Thanks, but no thanks.

5. Exhaustion

There's wrapping paper everywhere, glitter in your hair, hot chocolate soaked into your carpet, and a whole slew of random presents scattered around the tree. No worries. You can just lie down and take a nap right there, to the faint tune of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" playing in the distance.

6. Pure bliss

Three words: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. You got the present you really wanted and now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the Christmas shenanigans with your friends and family. Dig in!

7. Sadness

As you open up your last gift, you may be upset that you didn't get what you wanted or you might just be sad that Christmas is over. After all, you've anxiously counted down the days and guzzled all the peppermint mocha lattes in preparation for Santa and now — it's over. 

But hey, buck up — only 364 more days.

Cover photo via Shutterstock / Subbotina Anna


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