These Varsity Jackets Represent The Significance Of The Immigrant Journey

"An homage to diversity and the magical melting pot that America is today."

In a continued effort to promote inclusivity and cultural diversity through fashion, Opening Ceremony released a collection with an inspirational message.

"Representing 47 countries chosen for their significance to the immigrant journey, our annual country-themed years, and the heritage of [Opening Ceremony's] founding members — we're excited to introduce The Global Varsity Collection, an homage to diversity and the magical melting pot that America is today," the brand's website reads


"The inspiration stems from our desire to celebrate, honor, and recognize the deep importance of past and present immigrants of America."

The collection, first revealed last September, includes national symbols, sequins, studs, and embroidery, featured on varsity jackets, sweatshirts, caps, and more. The designs represent such countries as Venezuela, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, and Italy.

"It's a celebration of all diversity. Come as you are and speak what's important to you. That is what we wanted to celebrate," the brand's co-founder, Carol Lim, says on their website

At A Plus, we love to see fashion brands making positive steps towards inclusivity, whether they're uniting cultures, including people of all shapes and sizes, celebrating diversity, and more. We hope that these efforts only further inspire other brands to do the same. 

Check out more from Opening Ceremony's Global Varsity Collection below:


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