People Reveal The One Thing They Were Never Brave Enough To Tell A Loved One ... Until Now

Things got emotional fast.


Is there something you've always wanted to tell a loved one, but have been too afraid to admit?

In an effort to get people to be more open and honest with one another, creative film agency Action Productions asked people to put their fears aside and courageously share the things they've never been able to say.

"We posted public messages online asking if anyone had something they wanted to admit to a loved one but had never been brave enough to say it," Henry Hitchcoxfounder and executive producer of Action Productions told A Plus. "The director, Samuel Abrahams, and I then had some very intense casting sessions where we discussed individuals personal admissions in private. We ended up choosing stories that we felt were relatable and could help inspire others to be more open and honest." 

Each participant sat face-to-face with a loved one and wrote down the thing they've been hiding. Then, their loved one read the note aloud.

"We decided to use notes because we felt some things were hard to verbally say, and that by writing them down it might be easier to admit and start a conversation," Hitchcox said. "We also encouraged people to fold and unfold notes, acting as a physical representation of opening up."

The secrets revealed range from lying about leaving a pet rabbit in a parking lot, to feeling ashamed about their sexuality.

"Every single participant came up to us afterwards and thanked us for giving them an excuse to be more open. They all said that they felt a lot closer to one another, and that they wanted to be more honest with each other in future," Hitchcox said. 

"We hope that people can relate to the admission, and that the film reminds them of the benefits of being open. Ultimately we want the piece to inspire people to talk about things that they've always wanted to get off their chest, but haven't for one reason or another."


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