ONE's Powerful New PSA Highlights The Uncertain Future Of Girls Around The World

The video was released to mark the International Day of the Girl.

Bono's anti-poverty organization, ONE, is pushing people to take action in support of girls education and empowerment with one simple question: "What are you going to be when you grow up?" To mark International Day of the Girl, the organization released a new video posing the query to a group of young girls — and their shocking answers will make any viewer stand up and take notice.

The video, entitled "When I Grow Up…," captures several young girls recounting what they think they'll be when they grow up. The answers start off light-hearted and innocent enough. "I'm going to be a mad evil scientist," one girl says, smiling, while another says "a judge."

But it's not long before their responses take a scary turn. "I'm going to be a really good wife because my husband doesn't like when I'm not," one child states. "I'm not going to be allowed to go to school," another says.


Their answers are heartbreaking and appalling, but that's the point. Not only is the video meant to reflect the harsh reality for many girls across the globe, it's also meant to spur people to join the fight for women's and girls' rights everywhere.

"We hope [the film] will shock people out of their slumber and turn outrage into action," Roxane Philson, Chief Marketing Officer at ONE, wrote on the organization's website.

The video was released in honor of International Day of the Girl, an annual initiative formed by the United Nations meant to help celebrate, empower, and support young girls around the world.

It's also part of ONE's Poverty is Sexist campaign, which works to establish education and equal rights for women and girls in poverty around the world. "A lack of opportunity due to gender discrimination creates a cycle of poverty that prevents millions of girls from reaching their true potential," Philson told A Plus over email. "This is a crisis that isn't getting enough attention, so we've tried to put a voice to it on a critical day to highlight the urgency of breaking down the barriers girls continue to face."

In addition to watching the video, ONE also calls on viewers to join the campaign by signing the Poverty is Sexist open letter, which asks global leaders to take action that will allow every girl to achieve the future she wants. 

"We hope our world leaders will ensure all girls receive the education, health care, technology, financial and land ownership opportunities they need and deserve to thrive," Philson stated. "And until then, we must do everything in our power to elevate the priorities and perspectives of girls and women living in extreme poverty."


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