You Won't Believe The Plot Twist At The End Of This Short Film About Taking Back your Mistakes

Didn't see that coming!

The dating scene can be tricky. One minute, chatting up a cute stranger is going well and then—BAM. Something awkward gets said, and the conversation is over. Most people would love a chance to take it back and say something a bit more suave. The reality, of course, is that it's impossible, but what if it wasn't?

One-Minute Time Machine is a short film directed by Devon Avery that is one of the selections in the Sploid Film Festival. The protagonist of the film actually possesses a time machine. It can't take him back to see dinosaurs or the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but it does take him exactly one minute into the past. It might not sound like much, but it's enough to undo a single mistake. Keep making mistakes? Just keep hitting the button and re-doing it. Simple, right? Not exactly.

The film starts innocently enough, as the time traveler meets a girl in a park and he asks if he can join her.


His attempts at flirting don't go quite as well as he had hoped, and she tells him he needs to try harder. Luckily, his one-minute time machine works like a charm and he's able to simply hop back and try again. 

It takes a few tries, but the conversation starts going in his favor. When he learns that she has a vast knowledge in quantum mechanics regarding perceptions of time and spatial geography, things really start to get good. 

He may have the time machine, but she clearly knows a lot more about it than he does.

Little does he know, there are some severe, yet hidden, dangers to the whole time travel deal.

Check out One-Minute Time Machine below and find out why having an awkward conversation is much better than getting the chance to start over:

[H/T: Sploid]

[All images via: One-Minute Time Machine]


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