15-Year-Old With Autism Receives 20,000 Cards For His Birthday Thanks To The Kindness Of Strangers

"Some people might think it's just a card, but to us it's massive."

Some people love opening presents for their birthdays, while others are all about the cake. Then there are those like Ollie Jones who are thrilled to just open up birthday cards.

Ollie loves birthday cards so much that he even made two for himself ahead of his 15th birthday. But his mom, Karen Jones, was worried her son with autism wouldn't receive more cards because he doesn't have very many friends and has a small family. To help ensure Ollie would have a good birthday, Jones wrote a Facebook post asking for people to send Ollie cards.


Strangers saw Jones' request, and they began sending cards in the post.

Jones' appeal was only posted on August 23, but the Internet helped it go viral by sharing it over 25,000 so as many cards as possible could arrive in time for Ollie's 15th birthday.

Ollie received a whopping 20,000 cards in the mail.

Jones wrote a series of follow-up posts thanking everyone for their heartfelt cards.

"Some people might think it's just a card, but to us it's massive."

Like Jones says, some people might think of a card as nothing more than piece of paper, but they hold a huge significance for many. It's the reason why people are compelled to ask for cards for others. For someone like Ollie, each card is very special. It lets him know that there are other people out there thinking of him,

(H/T: Glamour UK)


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