This Poet Gives The Perfect Reason Why We Need To Stop Comparing Our Bodies To Others

"I know we can teach something better."

Olivia Hall will no longer let society dictate how she feels about her body.

The spoken word poet made her point loud and clear when she performed "The Skinny List," a poem about her journey to self-love. Button Poetry, an organization that shares poetry from people across the United States, recently posted a performance of her piece on YouTube.

In the beginning, Hall talks about how she made bucket list items of what she would do if she ever became skinny. But instead of being hopeful about the future, the list did the complete opposite for her.


"I lived eternally torn," she said in the poem. "Between wanting to love myself and wanting to lose myself."

For Hall, it turned out "that hating your own body is exhausting," she said. "Especially when the rest of the world is doing it for you."

Angry with society's expectations that women should be thin, Hall put her "skinny list" in a drawer one day and tried to teach herself how to appreciate her body.

"I know we can teach something better," she said. "So I stopped longing for boys who could only love me skinny and starting longing for boys who were better instead."

She then said she rewatched Disney movies and taught herself how two characters with different body types were still beautiful. She also watched all of the Harry Potter films again and reimagined Hermione Granger with a different body type, and said she saw no difference in how fearless she'd be.

"I realized that envying other girls' bodies didn't make me any happier and their beauty didn't have to take away from mine," Hall said. "So I stopped thinking about all of the times this body has been made to feel worthless and started focusing on the fact that this body is my living, breathing, miracle instead."

Watch Hall perform "The Skinny List" below:


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