What You Could Be Buying If You Stopped Spending Money On Things You Don't Need

Try budgeting for things that are really worth it.

How much money are you spending on things you don't really need?

Think about it: if we stopped spending their money on that first morning latte (or the second cup, or the third), we could save some extra cash to treat ourselves to something extra special.

In an eye-opening infographic from Oliver's Travels entitled "How To Get More Luxury For Your Money," the website considers the cost of some common purchases and shows us what we could buy if we traded them in. Oftentimes, what we could buy are experiences, and those make for priceless memories.

For example, if we forgo seven lattes, we could enjoy a formal dinner featuring oysters and champagne. For 43 pints of beer, coming in at around $182, we could stay in a five-star hotel. And four nights out in town, which does get pricey, could be a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Of course, we shouldn't deny ourselves of the things that make us happy on a day-to-day basis, but the infographic does put our purchases into perspective.

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