These Hyperrealistic Paintings Will Forever Change The Way You Understand Perfection

"You're beautiful, no matter what they say." — Christina Aguilera

Every day the media bombards us with messages about how to get perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect you-name-it. Well, Oliver Jones, a U.K.-based artist, is challenging the culture of perfectionism shamelessly imposed on us by advertising. And he does this with colored chalk. 

His latest art exhibition, "Love the Skin You're In" takes an unflinching looks at our struggles to look perfect.

"Based on Industry slogans and tag lines the works aim to 're-advertise' a more truthful image of the flash and the rituals undertaken to achieve these falsified visions that are all too familiar," Jones explains on his website.

Jones was kind enough to allow us to show you some of his photorealistic work. We want to know what you think.


"Dramatically Reduces Lines"

"Maybe She's Born With It"

"Take Off The Mask"

"3 Steps To Younger Looking Skin Pt.1"

"3 Steps To Younger Looking Skin Pt.2"

"3 Steps To Younger Looking Skin Pt.3"

"Beyond Natural"

"Because Younger Looking Eyes Never Go Out Of Fashion

"You Can Shine"

If you liked this as much as we did, make sure to check out Jones' website for more of his work.

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Images courtesy of GUSFORD | los angeles and the artist.


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