5-Year-Old 'Officer Oliver' Is Already Keeping His Neighborhood Safe

“He said it makes him real happy to pass out the flowers."

According to a local Fox affiliate in Overland Park, 5-year-old Oliver Davis' interest in crime-fighting was first sparked during a tour of a police vehicle, when a Kansas police officer told him about "bad guys" — and the good guys that kept his neighborhood safe. Although many tykes might have set their sights on joining the force when they were older, Davis was different. He asked for a police uniform for Christmas, and got to work.

As reported by The Miami Herald, Davis' responsibilities as a pint-sized police officer primarily consist of passing out fresh-cut flowers at local nursing homes and issuing "citations" to drivers in his neighborhood, all while riding his "official" police bike. No need to go to the bank to pay the fine, though — all he asks in return is a kiss on the cheek.

"He said it makes him real happy to pass out the flowers," Davis' mom, Brandi, told the Kansas City Star. "I think he loves showing off his bike. He loves doing tricks for them."


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