Why An Olive Garden Server Kept His Promise To Visit An 8-Year-Old After His Surgery

"This kid showed me how to be strong."

Drew Lewis hadn't worked a Friday at his local Olive Garden in a while, but the server had a special shift on October 19 that he likely won't forget. 

In a Facebook post, the Akron, Ohio, resident explained, "During my shift I had a family come in and sit at my table with four very wound up kids and their parents."


Lewis noted the atmosphere and thought it wise to focus on the kids. "I could tell the parents were having a long day so I focused my service on the kids at the table to keep them entertained," he revealed. "One child I connected with was a kid who reminded me of myself when I was 8 years old. He was wearing a #TommyStrong shirt that was purple and had orange lettering. I was curious on who Tommy was and he's said that's the T-shirt was for him."

Later in the meal, the server asked Tommy Gallagher what the shirt was for and he found out that the boy was having brain surgery the very next day.

"After that conversation I kept talking to the young gentleman about his surgery and what he likes and what he wants to do when he gets older." It turns out that the 8-year-old has ambitions to be a professional chef and a police officer. Western Journal points out that Lewis is attending the Police Academy at the University of Akron.

At the end of the meal, Tommy asked Lewis if he was busy the following Monday and whether he would come to his surgery when he got out.

The 23-year-old revealed, "I promised Tommy Gallagher that I would be there today." And he was.

"He woke up after a successful 7-and-a-half hour surgery," Lewis said. "We will make a full recovery and [he] had no complications."

Lewis shared a photo of himself and Tommy at Akron Children's Hospital. Both of them have police academy T-shirts on, and Tommy has a card next to him which has been signed by the entire police academy class and commander, according to Fox 8.

Lewis concluded the post, "This kid showed me how to be strong and handle the [adversity] life throws at you. Get well soon Tommy Gallagher. #TommyStrong"

The touching act has left a huge impression on the Gallagher family. "There are no words to describe the feels felt by Jeff Gallagher and I for this random act of kindness," Tommy's mom, Krista Gallagher, wrote on Facebook. She also conducted a video interview with WKYC 3 about the thoughtful gesture.

Other comments are writing what a special moment this was for Tommy, his family, and Lewis. Some are talking about their positive experiences with the young man as their server.

Yahoo reports that Lewis and Tommy plan to maintain a friendship. Lewis says, "I want to see Tommy grow." He also wants to see if he can help him with his police career.

Cover image: Mark Umbrella / Shutterstock.com


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