This Girl Counted 27 Different Ways Women Dance In Clubs And Her Moves Are On Point

She got the moves!

When Moscow-based fashion photographer Olga Jadan is not working with prissy models, fabulous clothing brands or snapping professional selfies, she's observing the world. 

And oh, the things that she sees! For example — all the crazy ways girls dance in clubs. 

After witnessing some hilarious real-life performances, Olga decided to make her own video and try to replicate at least 27 different ways women get down on the dance floor.


Watch Olga perfectly recreate 27 dance moves all basic girls do in the club:

She starts with one of the most common moves girls do at the club — 'shy dance' — which is all about looking cute and tiptoeing in one place.

But Olga quickly ups the ante by showing off some truly hilarious choreography she encountered on the dance floor. Behold — the 'model' move.

Oh, and don't forget the popular 'techno hand.' Untss, untss, untss ...

Damn, those moves are mesmerizing!

What's your favorite dance move?


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