Oldest Known Bird In The World Is 65 Years Old... And A New Mom

Who knew that albatross chicks were so adorable?

A Laysan albatross named Wisdom, who, at over 65 years old, is thought to be the oldest wild bird in the world, is a mother again according to a press release by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The chick was successfully hatched on February 1 on the sands of the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the North Pacific, under the watchful eyes and wings of Wisdom's mate who took over incubation duties on January 20 while the mother albatross went out to sea for food.

The chick was named Kūkini, a word for "messenger" in Hawaiian. 


The albatross family was briefly reunited before Wisdom's mate left to seek out food for the family. 

The birth of the new chick was seen as a positive sign for oceanic health. 

"Wisdom is an iconic symbol of inspiration and hope," said Refuge Manager Robert Peyton in the press release. "From a scientific perspective, albatrosses are a critical indicator species for the world's oceans that sustain millions of human beings as well. In the case of Wisdom, she is breaking longevity records of previously banded birds by at least a decade. With over a million albatross on Midway Atoll alone, this shows just how much is left to learn about the natural world around us."

It is estimated that Wisdom has flown over 3 million miles since being tagged in 1956.

Apparently, albatross chicks are adorably awkward.


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