Older Woman Perfectly Responds To Mom Breastfeeding Her Son At A Restaurant

"What a good mama you are."

Briar Lusia Mcqueen of Tauranga, New Zealand shared a touching moment that occurred between her and a stranger when she was out to breakfast at a local restaurant with her 8-week-old son, Jaxon, for the first time. As she ate her breakfast, young Jaxon became fussy. Mcqueen quickly realized that she would have to feed him and as she did, she noticed an older woman approaching her.

Mcqueen's experience vividly contrasts with those shared by other moms in her situation. As more and more women share stories of being shamed while breastfeeding in public or even for sharing pictures of the same on Instagram and other social media outlets, Mcqueen's story serves as a refreshing reminder that not all people are so judgmental, and as a lesson that there are, in fact, other ways to look at the world and treat people, as demonstrated by the older woman in this story. 

Take a look at the Facebook post that has gone viral.


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