In 1946, This Is What Yearbooks Looked Like (And It's Shockingly Offensive)

Oh. My. God.

75 years from now, yearbooks from 2015 will look pretty funny to the class of 2090. 

At least, that's all we can assume after an Imgur user posted the following yearbook pictures (and most importantly, captions) online. The descriptions of these young men and women are so bizarre, so offensive, so weird, that we couldn't help ourselves but share them with you.

Whether it's decribing a high school girl as "chubby" and "fat," or describing one of the guys as "O.K. in every way," we're certain you haven't seen a yearbook like this. Please share any funny pictures or stories you have in the comments!


A Reddit user  did some investigating and found out how things played out for a few of the pictured high schoolers:

"Romaine Childress Clifford achieved her goal of working in the medical sector, if not as a doctor. Died 2011.

Katherine Chavis married twice and appears to still be out there.

Lillian Hodges  appears to have married very early as she went to a christmas party with who I assume was her husband at 16.

Max Littlejohn  became a Sergeant and then a successful headmaster of several schools. Died two months ago. Good things do, evidently, come in small packages.

Mildred Howerton , whose husband was in the navy, died three days after her 22nd birthday - 3 years after this photo was taken - and was buried close to her high school.

Dora Mae Swift (Holt, Busby)  who had lots of boy friends had at least two husbands, five children and died in 2001 after spending 13 years a widow of her husband Lonnie.

Doris Hundley  did find someone to give all that love to. William died in 1987 and she carried on for twenty one years. They had no children together

Frank Hudgins  died age 60. There is nothing to indicate whether he did or did not eventually succeed in life.

Ruby James's  obituary was as bare as Frank's, but her husband's burgeoning tribute indicated she had a daughter and a few grandchildren."

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