Old Spice Commercials Have Always Been Weird, But This One Goes Further Than Ever

Old vs. new.

Say what you will about Old Spice's over-the-top commercials over the past few years, but they work. Maybe it's because of Old Spice Guy's tendency to stare straight in the camera over one continuous take. Maybe it's because of Terry Crews being loud, and, well, Terry Crews, while ridiculous things happen all around him.

Maybe it's both.

In a new series of commercials from Old Spice, the company has acknowledged the efforts of both its signature characters from the past five years by pitting them against one another. The result is hard to put into words, but it's worth a shot.

Here are a few highlights from the 45-second "And So It Begins":


Old Spice Guy starts by walking out of a shower straight into a forest. Standard.

Next thing you know, he's in a jewelry store. Sure.

But here comes Terry.

He's here to promote a different scent. Or something.

Mini Terrys hatch from this scent's bottle as he continues to look ripped.

Then he gets incinerated on top of a volcano.

Only to reappear on a seven-person motorcycle in seven versions of himself. Plus a tiger.

So, I guess buy Old Spice? Watch the full commercial below:

Cover image: Old Spice via YouTube


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