Remember Those Times When Selfie Sticks Didn't Exist? This Is How People Took Pictures Back Then

Not a duckface to be seen.

1. History's first selfie! Robert Cornelius snapped the first self-portrait in 1839, using the daguerreotype photographic process.


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2. Selfie, 1920 style. Note how bulky the camera is.

3. Here's one more from the series. These images were taken by famous photographer James Byron Clayton.

4. Obviously, not everyone had a camera back then. Did it stop them from taking a selfie? M.C. Escher says NO.

5. Aha, the mirror trick! Photographing yourself in the mirror dates back to the 1900s.

6. Here's one more.

7. Keeping up with the Kennedys, back in the 1950s.

8. Here's a good example of self-taken photography. Shocker: It's over 110 years old.

9. The selfie in the 70s, via hippie Harry Potter.

10. You could always count on a photo booth. Here's some sassy selfies from the 50s.

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11. Apparently, the photo booth trend is still hot today.

12. Back in the day, people definitely didn't care about their "best angle."

13. And others were just happy to geek out.

14. Some geniuses were using the selfie stick prototype before it was cool.

15. And others... Well, others just had their pictures taken by a photographer. Like normal people.

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Seems like there are more cool ways to take a selfie than just these. What are your favorites?

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