How Twitter Users Responded When People Criticized Old Navy's Beautiful Interracial Ad

The 1920s called — they want their racism back.

On April 29, Old Navy tweeted out an ad featuring models posing as a ridiculously good-looking interracial family. 

While that normally would warrant nary a blink from the larger social media community, the presentation of a mixed-race family in the ad provoked some outrageous backlash from people whose ideas on racial homogeneity seemed better suited to the 1920s.


Among the tweets attacking Old Navy for the ad were ones accusing the company of promoting miscegenation and "white genocide."

Naturally, the wider Twittersphere was not having any of it.

People responded by posting messages of support to Old Navy, and many interracial families included photos of themselves lauding the clothing company for its representation of diversity.

Old Navy has yet to respond publicly to the controversy, but it is heartening to see bigotry being challenged in positive, reaffirming ways.


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