Old Navy Criticized For Selling T-Shirts That Discourage Kids From Becoming Artists

Proof you shouldn't beef with artists.

People say the well of creativity is endless. Or, rather, bottomless. But what happens when that creative substance starts spilling over?

Well, a recent example from the American clothing and accessories retailer Old Navy proves it doesn't really help you earn extra points. On the contrary, it might cost you credibility and even earn a few angry clients.

Earlier this week, Old Navy released a new T-shirt design for toddlers, reportedly marketed towards girls.


The graphic tees came in two designs, with the slogan "Young Aspiring Artist," and the word "Artist" crossed out and replaced with the words "Astronaut" and "President."

"It's just a T-shirt. What could possibly go wrong?" you may wonder. Well ...

Old Navy's implication that being an artist is not an equally worthy profession made some people rather uneasy.

Some took it to social media to express their frustration with the slogan ...

... while others used their artistic abilities to troll the brand for making such acute statements, especially on clothing meant for little kids.

Artists on Twitter started posting their own versions of the infamous tee design, with phrases such as "Young Aspiring Whatever I Want To Be."

Take that, Old Navy!

As Mic points out, Old Navy seems to be taking a shot at female empowerment by creating T-shirts with inspiring quotes. But even then, the company's attempt seems to be "ham-handed."

"A glance through the retailer's graphic tees for toddlers suggests the company might have been thoughtlessly overcompensating. While Old Navy's boys' T-shirts generally sport slogans about adventure and smarts, the girls' selection mostly features gauzy clichรฉs about family and free-spiritedness, and quasi-romantic sayings about love," Huffington Post writes.

The shirts have since been pulled from the Old Navy United States website, but as TechInsider reports, are still available on Old Navy's Chinese site.

Once again, Twitter has spoken and the world listened. Bravo!


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