No One On 'Britain's Got Talent' Expected To See THIS From These Old Men

"Britain's Got Talent" lives up to the promise of its name again.

They call themselves Old Men Grooving and that's exactly what they are.


The 5-man dance ensemble took to the "Britain's Got Talent" stage last week and proceeded to put on a performance that absolutely crushed the audience's and judges' expectations.

Simon Cowell looked skeptically dour as they began their routine to Sinatra's "I Won't Dance"...

While the audience looked equally disinterested.

But when they suddenly shifted gears...

They seized the audience's attention...

Along with that of the judges...

Ensuring that none of them would ever underestimate "old guys" again.

You'll see why here:

Don't underestimate the old guys. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter... And don't forget to tell them who sent you.

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