When A Creep Got Out Of Line, This Dating Service Was Happy To Do The Right Thing

Maybe the most satisfying thing you'll see today.

Redditor IStillNeedaSong gave us all a little hope for humanity when she posted these screenshots of an interaction she had with a creep who sexually harassed her on OkCupid and the subsequent response by a moderator. The images were posted on a Reddit thread titled "I asked OkCupid how bad messages had to be to be reported, and I am so impressed with their response!" on the always cringe-inducing CreepyPMs subreddit.

The creep was immediately blocked from the dating site, but what makes this interaction so satisfying is the sheer joy the moderator seemed to take in kicking the troll off. It's a beautiful example of that rarest of all things: justice swiftly delivered on the Internet. 

Warning: NSFW language. 


Here we see how this would-be suitor's sense of entitlement quickly becomes threatening.

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Then he gets righteously rebuffed.

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Finally, he gets the ban hammer from a moderator who delights in destroying dirtbags.

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