OkCupid Is The First Dating App To Enable Users To Display Their Preferred Pronouns

"As a gender non-conforming person, I wanted to ensure the product that I work on every day empowers the LGBTQIA+ community."

On September 10, OkCupid made history as the first dating app to offer users a dedicated space on their profiles to state and share their preferred pronouns


Created by Rowan Rosenthal, a product designer who identifies as they/them, in collaboration with GLAAD, the new functionality aims to "allow daters to prominently display their pronouns alongside other important personal attributes so [they] can connect and find love as their authentic selves," according to a company statement.  

"One of the main reasons I was drawn to working at OkCupid was because it was one of the few mainstream dating apps that felt more inclusive, and I felt I'd be able to express my own identity fully and openly within the workplace," Rosenthal said in that statement. "As a gender non-conforming person, I wanted to ensure the product that I work on everyday empowers the LGBTQIA+ community."

This isn't the first time OkCupid has used its platform to promote inclusivity. It was also the first dating app to offer 13 sexual orientation and 22 gender options. Now, the company views their pronoun options as the latest "natural extension" of the dating app's mission to match people based on what truly matters to them. 

GLAAD Vice President of Programs Zeke Stokes even considered the move "an important step forward that raises the bar for LGBTQ-inclusion on dating apps." While it's unclear whether other popular dating apps will follow suit, OKCupid appears to be leading the way toward a more progressive and respectful dating culture.

Cover image via  Dave Smith 1965 on Shutterstock


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