This Dad Credits Two Special People For His Business Success, No Matter What You Might Assume

"Success doesn't differentiate between boy and girl."

Women in India face many discriminatory challenges, including the cultural biases that value sons more than daughters. Because of these stigmas, it's often difficult to imagine women in positions of authority. But one Ogilvy Mumbai ad aims to change that perception in under 60 seconds.

Gurdeep Singh's bakery has reached a new level of success, and he credits none other than his two children with the increase in visibility and profit. When one customer assumes his children are sons, Singh proudly states that the brains behind their success are his daughter's, who have utilized the internet as a marketing tool that's translated into more customers.


Courtesy of Ogilvy Mumbai

Although the Indian constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, women remain unequal, according to a United Nations report. Daughters are often viewed as economic burdens on families fearing high dowries and wedding costs. The burden is so great that sex-selective abortions have been an increasing problem since 1996, causing the most imbalanced gender ratio since India gained independence in 1947.

Despite the odds, women in India are making strides, like Singh's daughters, who are successfully navigating the business world once reserved for men and their sons.

Courtesy of Ogilvy Mumbai

Check out the inspiring and uplifting ad below:


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