Viewers Touch And Kiss Signs Marked With HIV-Positive Blood To Support The People Behind Them

"I felt love for this person I don't even know."

A powerful advertisement, made by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV), is helping to change the way we think about HIV — and the millions of people reported living with the virus. 

In the ad, people living with HIV make HIV-positive posters with a drop of dry blood on the surface.

The posters, hung throughout the city of São Paulo, explain to viewers that, like humans, they're "living with the virus" (represented by the blood), but they're "just like any other poster."


"At this point, you may be taking a step back, wondering if I offer any danger."

But as Infectologist Artur Kalichman explains in the ad, "The poster is completely harmless. The blood has already dried. The HIV can't survive long outside the human body..."

"...Because of the treatment, the blood of the volunteers can't infect anyone. Besides... HIV is not transmitted by poster."

After reading the posters, people throughout the city touched the blood on the poster with a new understanding.

What's even more beautiful is that the people represented by each of those posters, people who have dealt with the prejudices firsthand, were there to watch it all unfold.

"You're just like everyone else," one onlooker tells one of the woman with HIV.

Another man, who chose to kiss the drop of blood, said "I felt love for this person I don't even know."

Afterwards, he got to meet and hug them all — right there.

The video reminds us that "If prejudice is an illness, information is the cure." So be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Upworthy)

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