A Man On The Streets Held A "Will Work For $2" Sign For This Reason

True generosity.

Lavonda Shirley was sitting in her local pharmacy in Hot Springs, Arkansas when Officer Joey Williams entered and spoke to the pharmacist. Shirley overheard the conversation, in which Williams asked about picking up medication for a man in a wheelchair who was on the streets.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but are you buying meds for someone you've known on the streets?" Shirley wrote according to her Facebook post.

Williams explained to Shirley why he was purchasing the medication.


The reason is simply one of the kindest things that an officer can do.

Williams saw the man in the wheelchair, Charles Couples, on the streets. Couples was holding a sign that said, "Will work for $2." Williams asked him why he needed the money, and Couples explained that he was $2 short for his neuropathy medication.

That’s when Williams told him that he would get his medication for him — for free.

Shirley couldn't believe the generosity from this cop to a stranger.

"My heart jumped in my throat and yes I cried but I hugged him real hard and said thank you for helping someone in need without hesitation," Shirley wrote per her Facebook post. "My heart is so full of warmth now."

Shirley wrote that Officer Williams said, "no matter his hardships in life, he has to have his medicines."

Here’s the photo that Shirley snapped of Williams in the pharmacy:


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