Officer Comforts Lost Boy And Becomes An Internet Hero For His Good Deed

So sweet.

Office David Taylor has only been part of the Crowley, LA. police department for about 18 months, but after his incredible act of kindness a few days ago, he might be the most popular member of his squad.

Taylor was patrolling the International Rice Festival during the past weekend. It's one of the largest events in Crowley. A woman in the crowd brought to Taylor's attention a lost boy who was separated from his parents and crying.


Taylor picked up the lost boy and started to comfort him.

"He was extremely upset. I put him on my shoulders to see if he was able to see his parents," Taylor said to ABC News. "He started to fall asleep and I moved him down to my chest."

The boy eventually stopped crying and even fell asleep in Taylor's arm.

Witnesses snapped photos of Taylor’s good deed and the image went viral.

After about 30 minutes of looking for the boy's parents and carrying him, Taylor took him to the police station. The boy continued his nap by sleeping on some chairs. The officer even shared a brownie with him. Eventually, his grandmother picked up the boy at the station and brought him home.

Chief K.P. Gibson stated how proud he is of Officer Taylor and everyone in the department.

(H/T: ABC News)


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