13 Odell Beckham Jr. Highlights That All Fans Love

And he's only getting started.

He's played less than a full NFL season, but New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has taken over every highlight reel ever. In his rookie year, Beckham broke records, and broke everyone's mind with his unbelievable plays. Off the field, he's even showed his skill in other sports with plays that are insane.

Become a fan by reliving these 13 memories of Beckham's athletic greatness:


1. In college, he made fantastic catches.

2. He can pluck a ball right out of the air.

3. When he drops the ball, he still catches it.

4. He made one of the best defensive players look like a rookie.

5. He can throw a 60-yard ball like a quarterback.

6. During warm-ups, he still gives 110 percent.

7. The tricks he made on the Super Bowl Edition of "Dude Perfect" was better than the actual game.

8. He can kick a football better than most kickers.

9. When it comes to soccer, he really shows off.

10. He can throw a fastball like a pro.

11. His dunks are LeBron-worthy.

12. He holds the one-handed catch world record.

13. His three-finger catch nearly broke the Internet.

Watch it from other angles.

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