Here's Why You Probably Never Should Have Been Born

It's insanity.

Even if you are 40 years old, living in your mother's basement, playing GTA eight hours a day and subsisting on Lean Cuisine, you've already achieved life's greatest challenge — being born. 

That's right. Just by virtue of you being you, you've won the game of life against some unimaginably tiny odds. In a video by BuzzFeed that outlines some of the crazy coincidences that took place for the big event of your birth, we get to find out... 


...just what the odds of you being born YOU actually are.

First, note there are a kajillion different factors contributing to your birth, but we are going to start with the miraculous meeting of your parents.

The odds of your dad meeting your mom are ONE IN 45,000.

As the BuzzFeed video explains, a man is capable of having access to about 1 tenth of the world's female population (about 360 million women) when he is between the ages of 18 and 40. However, he will probably only meet about one new woman a day, coming out to about 8,000 women. The odds that your mom was within that small group is one in 45,000. Simple math, people. 

And the odds they actually hit it off, and have a kid are ONE IN 2,000.

Even though you dad met your mom, who's to say they actually hit it off? The BuzzFeed video assumes your dad has an interesting conversation with one out of every 10 women he meets, goes on a date with one out of every 10 women, and has a one out of ten chance of choosing one woman to settle down with. After all that, he and the lady of his choosing (your mom) have a 50/50 chance of deciding to have a kid. That comes out to a one in 2,000 chance of your parents having a baby. 


The odds that your parents had a successful pregnancy that resulted in you are ONE IN 210 TRILLION.

But even after all of that, the chances of a successful pregnancy that specifically result in YOU being born are teeny tiny. Just how crazy are they? Well, in a lifetime, a man produces about 525 billion sperm and a woman makes about 300,000 eggs but only releases 400. The odds of one specific egg and one specific sperm matching up to make you is one in 210 TRILLION. 

Do you know what just ONE trillion looks like?

To help you visualize it, take a look at this graphic showing what just ONE trillion dollars looks like compared to a person. Now, imagine this image multiplied by 210. 

But that's nothing compared to the odds of all three factors coming together to result in your birth.

Get ready to have your mind blown...

Because the odds of your dad meeting your mom, then deciding to have a kid and having a successful pregnancy resulting in you is...


So, when you think about it, chances say you probably shouldn't have been born at all. 

Watch the full video below:

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