This Fashion Label Encourages Girls To Break The Norms By Fulfilling Their Strangest Dreams

What would your dream be?

We all have dreams in life — be it becoming a dancer, learning to speak French or falling in love. No one has the right to judge these dreams, no matter how wild they may seem. 

And to help people fulfill their strangest desires, a Swedish fashion label called Odd Molly has vowed to make one womans' "odd" dream come true with every new collection. They choose dreams to fulfill based on submissions they receive through their website. "Collection by collection we are paving the way for more Mollys in the world — by helping girls to realize their most impossible, adventurous and 'odd' dreams" they write on the site. 

The label has just fulfilled the first winner's "odd dream," and it's truly magical, bizarre and beautiful, all at the same time. 


Meet Emelie Ekenborn, a 33-year-old who has always dreamt of flying over a forest as a half-woman, half-bird/dragon.

"I have always been fascinated by myths about birds with female attributes," Ekenborn explains in a press release sent to A Plus. "People can't fly. It's physically impossible, so naturally that's exactly what we want to do. Do the impossible."

After weeks and weeks of long preparations, her dream was finally fulfilled just outside the town of Orsa, Sweden. Ekenborn became... drumroll, please...  the first women in the world to fly as a "Forest Dragon Bird," a mythological  half-woman, half dragon-bird creature.

"Emelie was the obvious choice for Odd Project #1," says Odd Molly's CEOAnna Attemark. "What could be a better start than literally to help a girl build her own wings?"

You can watch the entire video on Ekenborn's dream below.

Check out some of the previous submissions of odd, yet magical dreams below if you need some inspiration:

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