Here's An Octopus Preying On Crab, And More Proof They Are The Coolest Ocean Animal

How many cool characteristics can one creature have?

In its most recent attempt to prove to everyone it is the coolest animal on planet Earth, the octopus just showed off what an awesome hunter it is.


What the video above captures, while impressive, is not even close to the coolest thing octopuses are capable of. Here is a quick breakdown of some other amazing aspects of one of the world's most impressive creatures, presented via amazing videos, GIFs and pictures.

A giant Pacific Octopus can kill a shark.

In the GIF above, from National Geographic, a group of researchers at an aquarium were filming to see what was leaving dogfish carcasses at the bottom of the tank. Well, they got their answer. 

They are the masters of camouflage.

What else really needs to be said?

And even as babies, they are definitely something to look at.

They can fit through just about anything.

Colors are kind of their thing.

They are so intelligent, in some countries, they must have anesthesia before surgery.

Although that sort of protection is usually reserved for vertebrates, the U.K.'s Operation of the Animals Act protects cephalopods, a class of animals that includes octopuses. So, feel free to jump with joy.

And, hey, isn't this octopus cake an amazing tribute?

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