Donors And Pink Ribbons: Our Favorite Comments From The Past Month

Every month, we'll be highlighting things we heard from our most important critic, you, the reader.

Earlier this month, we wrote a story about a 74-year-old man and his wife that we immediately recognized as serious #relationshipgoals. Every day, wearing a sign that reads "Need Kidney 4 Wife," Wayne Winters walks for miles in search of a kidney donation for his wife, Deanne. Deanne is in desperate need of a transplant, and Wayne couldn't just sit around and do nothing,

Turns out, neither could you. While looking through the comments section on our FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr, this month, we noticed that under our post about Wayne and Deanne, many had noted they were Deanne's blood type and would be willing to help her out in whatever way they could. 

"Anyone can get me in contact with this family, I'm more than happy to help. I don't know my blood type, but I'm hoping I'm A-," one commenter wrote.

We were touched by the numerous responses and real ways complete strangers wanted to help this family, and we certainly hope Wayne and Deanne were able to find someone who was a match. 

See below for more of our favorite comments, and the stories they reference, from the last month.


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