Octavia Spencer Has An Excellent — And Personal — Reason Why Teachers Deserve Better Pay

And we totally agree.

It's OK to be different — and Octavia Spencer wants everyone to know that fact.

As a child, the future Academy Award-winning actress was considered a gifted student because she had dyslexia, which gave her an edge over the others. Luckily, teachers at Spencer's school in Montgomery, Ala., highlighted the positive of this disorder instead of the negative.

"I was a dyslexic child and am a dyslexic adult; that doesn't really mean that you're not intelligent — it just means that your brain functions differently," Spencer told WENN.com.


The 46-year-old — who has starred in Oscar hits such as The Help and Hidden Figures — said she remembers "thinking differently" than the other kids, and said her ability to solve puzzles and mazes was something that stood out as a kid.

The bubbly actress believes adults need to "allow kids to be kids," and that they need to "nurture their thirst for knowledge." It would have been easy to let her learning issues hold her back. But luckily, the adults in Spencer's life took the opposite approach and she flourished.

"I had great teachers and I think teachers should be paid as much as athletes. When you think about it they spend the majority of the day with your kids so they should be compensated," she added. "They're also teaching them and shaping their views about themselves."

Spencer said she feels "very fortunate" to have had such "wonderful teachers" to help guide her. Hopefully Spencer's former educators are looking at their former student and patting themselves on the back for doing such a great job.


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