14 Colors That Wish They Had New Names

All you need is a paint brush.

Guerrilla artist and prankster Jeff Wysaski has shared his vision with the world once again. Under aliases Obviousplant and Pleated-Jeans, Wysaski distributes his hilarious creations in public places throughout the Los Angeles area. His past displays include phony customer comment cards, crazy sign changes in a pet store and movie posters, where character heads were replaced by ducks (talk about a fire-quacker).

And for Wysaski's latest spoof, he's renamed paint colors at a local hardware store

Check 'em out: 


I can see it in your eyes...

Barney and 007 make a great team.

Just calm down.

Quentin Tarantino should totally put Olivia Newton John in one of his movies.

James Cagney would be proud... if he wasn't a ghost.

Make your rooms blend in with you.

Now you're just making up colors.

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