9 Hilarious Reviews Of Ikea Products That Make Shopping So Much Better

"This bowl also holds lots of tears, just FYI."

A trip to Ikea can either be a magical adventure or a total nightmare, but our favorite public prankster Jeff Wysaski just gave one store something to look forward to other than the meatballs. 

Wysaski, otherwise known as Obvious Plant, is well-known for creating hilarious public art installations. From adding shopping advice around the grocery store you probably should take to changing the descriptions at a pet store, Wysaski finds fantastic ways to surprise and entertain the public. 

Most recently, Wysaski decided to post in-store reviews at Ikea that are bound to make you chuckle. Shoppers will be treated with ideas for using the products in ways they never considered like using a drawer organizer for snakes. 

To keep up with Wysaski's hilarious art antics, you can follow him on Facebook or Tumblr

For now, check out his amazing Ikea reviews below: 


1. This dubstep couch

2. This snake container

3. This magic carpet

4. This friendly reminder of death

5. This multipurpose bowl

6. This prop

7. This special wardrobe

8. This snake organizer

9. This versatile chair

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