Wanna Get Laid Never? These 11 Hilarious Tips Will Guarantee It.

"Make an excuse to go back to her place so you can meet her dog!"

Everyone could use a little help in the dating department and serial prankster Jeff Wysaski of the popular blog Obvious Plant is happy to oblige. 

We've previously shared some of his hilarious public pranks, including his ridiculous Ikea product reviews, new and improved paint color names, and his awfully unhelpful, but totally silly, grocery shopping advice

For his latest prank, he has left cards printed with "dating advice" in the flower section of the grocery store. We have a feeling none of them will actually help you score a hot date. 


Check them out below:

1. It's good manners.

2. Like a true gentleman.

3. Who doesn't like to start a date with a snack?

4. Sets the mood.

5. It'll show how clever you are.

6. It'll definitely be a night to remember.

7. Solid advice.

8. It shows effort and creativity.

9. Or, you know, don't.

10. Plus, she'll know you're afraid of commitment.

11. Because subtle hints always go over well.

To keep up with Wysaski's hilarious public pranks, you can follow him on Facebook or Tumblr.

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