16 Adoptable Cats' Likes And Dislikes Revealed, Thanks To This Comedian

"Dislikes: Being talked to in a baby voice."

Comedian Jeff Wysaski of the popular blog Obvious Plant is known for sneakily putting up some humorous signs in public spaces. In the past, we've appreciated the shopping advice he planted around a grocery store, his new and improved paint colors, and the in-store reviews he left on furniture at Ikea

A few weeks ago, Wysaski worked on his latest pet project. He visited Sante D'Or, a nonprofit, no-kill, volunteer-run animal rescue and adoption facility in Los Angeles, and posted up a few personality cards for numerous cats the rescue has up for adoption to help them out a bit. 

"I gave these adoptable cats some interesting likes and dislikes. Stealthily left at Sante D'Or Animal Rescue. All these cats are real and need a home!" Wysaski wrote on his website.

For each individual cat, he shared some of their likes, such as staring out the window or taking naps, as well as some of their dislikes, such improv comedy, and the growing wage gap between rich and poor that is slowly resulting in the decline of the middle class. When appropriate, he shared quotes from the cats. For example, Dinky, who hates being talked to in a baby voice, said, "I am 36 in cat years. Please stop." 


Wysaski posted images of the personality cards he made for the cats on his Facebook, and it's clear the silly project made many people chuckle. Some people even thought this would make the cats more attractive to perspective owners. 

"If I was in the market for yet another cat I would totally be influenced by a fascinating back story. Please do this for as many adoptable animals as you can!" one commenter wrote. 

Someone from the animal rescue also responded to Wysaski on the post. "Thanks for the shout out. Please stop by and see the cats in person. We'd love to chat," a Santé D'Or staff member wrote. "However, Obi is a huge fan of improv comedy ..."

About 1.6 million cats are adopted from shelters in the United States and 46 percent of cat owners learned about their pet through word of mouth, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We hope that Wysaski's latest stunt helps these cats find permanent, loving homes. 

You can check out the personality cards he created for them below: 

1. Dinky

2. Gus

3. Troy

4. Obi

5. Sabrina

6. Delores

7. Honey

8. Leche

9. Zeta

10. Lola

11. Mishka

12. Choccy

13. Grace



16. Guinevere

To see more of Wysaski's work, check him out on Facebook and Instagram

(H/T: Huffington Post


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