This Obese Man Was Brought To Tears When He Saw Another Obese Person Lose 300 Pounds

"I felt like I was going to die fat, and there was nothing I could do about it."

Obesity is an epidemic in America, affecting over 78 million U.S. adults.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites several conditions linked to obesity, such as certain types of cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. 

While sometimes obesity may be the result of a medical or genetic condition, oftentimes it's simply caused by not having a proper diet and health regimen. 

For morbidly obese people, the prospect of weight loss can feel daunting as it's not just about picking vegetables over candy — it's about making fundamental lifestyle changes. That's why when a YouTuber, who goes by the name Boogie, was faced with the challenge of losing weight, he was understandably overwhelmed. 

But with the help of fitness instructor and motivational speaker Diamond Dallas Page, Boogie lost 25 pounds earlier this year. This felt like a major accomplishment, until doctors told him he needed to lose another 100 pounds to be eligible for a weight loss surgery, which Boogie and his doctors feel is the "only way out." 


"And I told Dallas that I couldn't do it. I felt like it would be impossible. I felt like I was going to die fat, and there was nothing I could do about it. And he told me it's never too late."

To give Boogie a boost of inspiration, Page texted him a link to a YouTube video titled "A Simple Reminder That Anything is Possible." The video shows another obese man, named Jared, on a journey to lose weight. Through practicing Page's specialized brand of yoga DDP Yoga, having perseverance, and a willingness to make life changes, Jared lost 300 pounds in just 15 months. Though such incredible results are atypical, Jared's video and message, are so inspiring that Boogie cried while watching it. 

Boogie then decided to broadcast his reaction to "Anything is Possible," telling viewers on YouTube, "This is going to be a hard video to make, but I want to share it with you guys because it hit me really really hard when I watched it, and I think it will do that for you too." 

Have your tissues ready as you watch Boogie's reaction to another obese man's journey to losing 300 pounds. Here's the video:

"Anything is Possible" begins with a blog post Jared wrote to himself a year ago. The words are pretty powerful, in that they show the struggles of living with obesity and the mental energy it takes to commit to changing one's lifestyle.

"I've been fat my entire life. Every day, I've woken up heavier than I was the day before. It was a fact of life and I accepted it. I didn't want to be fat, but I didn't fight against it because I knew it would require a change in lifestyle. Intellectually, I knew it wasn't just about diet and exercise; it was about altering the way I live.

For the longest time I had no interest in changing. I knew that when I sat down to eat a box of donuts they would make me fatter, that my back would hurt even more, and that it would be even harder to stand up and walk around.

Today is different. I do care about how I feel, and how I want to live. I wish I knew what finally clicked in my brain, because then I could tell others how to change their mindset as well. I finally got tired of being fat and unhealthy.

It's hard to say exactly what my breaking point was. It could have been when I passed the 500 pound mark — that was a year ago. Maybe it was buying pants in the largest size carried by the local fat guy clothing store. My birthday this year is another possibility — turning 40 is cause for reflection, isn't it? Then again, it does bother me that my performance at work has degraded. I'm too tired and worn out to sit in front of a computer for eight hours. Can you imagine that? 

Maybe it was all those reasons and more. Maybe it doesn't matter, and what's important now is that I am ready to turn around."  

Watch 'Anything is Possible' below to see Jared's amazing story:


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