Watch Obama Sing Rihanna's 'Work' Thanks To Some Expertly Produced Dubsmash

Work, work, work.

If you have yet to discover the magic that is the baracksdubs YouTube channel, you've seriously been missing out. Fear not, though, because we're here to introduce it to you in all of its glory. 

The channel uses clips of President Obama's speeches and public appearances to mash together a single video that makes it sound like he's singing to the tune of a popular song. Song choice is often determined by fans of the channel and, most recently, the president did a rendition of Rihanna. 

In the Dubsmash video, he "sings" her hit "Work." The whole thing is extremely well-done and leaves us wondering how long each of these videos must take to create. Seems like a whole lot of presidential footage to go through to get the words right. Considering the channel has garnered more than 48 million views on a single video, it's probably worth it in the end. 


Check out President Obama's "Work" rendition below:

Couldn't have done this without you, RiRi, so thanks.


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