Obama Contemplates How To Spend His Newfound Spare Time By Starring In His Own Viral Video

DO NOT promote Obamacare on Snapchat. Do. Not.

Sadly, President Obama's second term and presidency is slowly coming to a close.


Other than delivering hilarious one-liners at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Obama is trying to figure out how he'll spend his spare time once his term ends in less than a year.

One way he is spending his time is by becoming a viral video star and building The White House YouTube channel to PewDiePie-esque levels.

In the video called "Couch Commander," Obama tries out a bunch of different activities he hasn't been able to enjoy during his seven-plus years in office.

Now, Obama and Biden can really kick off that friendship by polishing all of those aviators.

Or maybe he can get his driver's license ... if the DMV can get past the whole birth certificate thing.

Playing with Michelle's Snapchat is probably a bad idea.

If all else fails, we can totally see Obama in the next G.I. Joe film. Bad. A$$.

Whatever will Obama do? Well, we do have a few openings over here at A Plus. We'll just need to see that CV first ... and a birth certificate.


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